What we offer

(it's good stuff)

Does your nonprofit:

  • Want to strengthen its relationships with donors?
  • Want to raise more money?
  • Need to jumpstart its digital footprint?

1832 addresses your biggest marketing and fundraising challenges by utilizing a combination of strategic thinking and planning, data analysis and creative solutions. We understand your pain points and numbing them isn’t enough- we strive to remove them altogether. In the end, our goal is not only to help you tell your story tomorrow but far into the future.

In short, we’ll take your organization from survival to thrival. (And yeah, not a real word but we like it!)


Our Services

When you work with 1832, you will be working directly with Ephraim Gopin, 1832’s founder and have access to his knowledge, experience and expertise. Full service, one-on-one relationship.

To help your nonprofit build stronger relationships and raise more money, 1832 Communications offers four different types of services. Contact Ephraim to set up a chat (or book a meeting with him) so we can discuss how to improve your organization’s marketing and fundraising!

Marketing and Fundraising Strategy Creation:

Roadmap to success

Your nonprofit needs a brand new marketing strategy, to work in tandem with your fundraising plan and enhance your fundraising efforts.

This strategy includes

1) Full review of past and current materials, campaigns and content, data and competitive landscape analysis

2) Crafting of strategy which will cover:

  • digital presence and engagement (includes website, blog, social media)
  • using storytelling in your fundraising and marketing efforts
  • improving fundraising activities and offerings (online and offline)
  • email marketing activities
  • copywriting assistance for web, digital and offline collateral
  • content- branding, messaging, video, images, content calendar
  • media outreach

3) Training your team to implement the strategy.

THE GOAL: Identify ways to build the relationship with your target audience, engage them and strengthen the connection they have with your organization. This creates higher rates of donor retention and more money being raised.

Email Marketing Strategy:

Converting subscribers to donors

Email marketing should be a major part of your fundraising portfolio. Permission to enter someone’s inbox means starting a relationship that you hope grows and converts a subscriber into a donor. But how to accomplish that?

Our customized strategy for your nonprofit will help you with all the stages of creating a successful email marketing program. That includes:

  • A focused plan for content, storytelling, fundraising tactics
  • How to grow a list and segment it so the right content reaches the right eyeballs
  • Building a welcome email series for new subscribers
  • Creating your e-newsletter template 

Your custom tailored email marketing strategy will increase both your open and click thru rates. The goal? Conversions. More traffic to your website, more chances to encourage people to take an action: Volunteer, sign a petition, help get the word out and of course, donate. 

Marketing Kickstart:

Time for a boost

Does your nonprofit need to:

  • Improve your website content
  • Enhance your online/digital/social media presence
  • Upgrade your email marketing apparatus
  • Increase the efficacy of your marketing and fundraising collateral?

Then our Marketing Kickstart is for you! 

Let a fresh set of eyes see what’s working, analyze and improve what isn’t and provide you with new ideas and strategies you can implement. 

Make sure your content is dynamic and engaging, your website is converting users, your emails are being opened and calls to action are clicked on. The goal: Build better relationships and raise more money!

Learn more about our Marketing Kickstart. Time for a boost!


Let’s talk it out

Want to discuss marketing? Have questions about fundraising? 

We offer hourly coaching sessions to help you talk through issues you’re facing and find solutions which will help your organization move forward.

Our founder, Ephraim Gopin, has almost 2 decades of nonprofit expertise, knowledge and experience and he is happy to share his smarts with you. Let’s talk!

Email Ephraim to set up a time to chat.