With the constant changing business landscape and the need to stay one step ahead of the competition, your business has to keep up. Social media, web content, media outreach, data analysis, ad placement, digital marketing, SEO, messaging updates. It’s a lot to juggle!

1832 is here to help your company not only stay up to date but prepare for the future. Our services are intended to help you figure out what needs to be part of your marketing efforts, what to test and what to stay away from for now. We’ll help you make sense of what’s working and what isn’t, construct an actionable, realistic strategy and plan you can implement. Our goal is to move your business forward while keeping it rooted with your values and culture.

1832 has worked with clients to

  • Craft their marketing strategy
  • Use data analysis to better understand the company’s past and current position
  • Improve their overall branding and messaging
  • Review their competition and see where they’re ahead- and where they’re lagging behind
  • Redesign/build a new website as part of the overall marketing strategy
  • Create content and place it
  • Media outreach and placement
  • Build a social media strategy and create a content calendar
  • Perform keyword and SEO research
  • Design materials necessary for printed collateral
  • Upgrade their email marketing services

Our team would be happy to talk with you about your company’s needs. Contact us and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Or you can schedule a free, no obligation phone call with Ephraim to discuss your current organizational marketing challenges.