Email Fundraising and Marketing Growth Strategy

Email should be a major part of your fundraising and marketing efforts. Permission to enter someone’s inbox means starting a relationship that you hope grows and converts that subscriber into a donor.

But how to accomplish that?

My customized strategy for your nonprofit will help you with all the stages of creating a successful email fundraising and marketing program. That includes:

  • A focused plan for content which drives people to take action, storytelling, fundraising tactics
  • How to grow a list and segment it so the right content reaches the right eyeballs
  • Building a welcome email series for new subscribers
  • How to convert subscribers into donors
  • Creating your e-newsletter template 

 Your custom-tailored email marketing strategy will increase click thru rates.

The goal? Conversions. More traffic to your website, more chances to encourage people to take an action: Donate, volunteer, sign a petition, advocate, download and more.

Whether you’re just getting started with email or need to upgrade your current apparatus, contact me today. Let’s discuss how your organization can utilize email to help you build more relationships, raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in your community.


Always accessible, always ready to take your email ideas and fundraising to the next level, Ephraim has kept our tone and organizational personality intact, but elevates it to a level of impact unanticipated. He doesn’t try to change our identity, but he finds a way to focus it, to dream bigger for greater impact. The pandemic connected me to Ephraim through Twitter, Ephraim connected me to inspiration, hope and determination, all of which helped my organization survive the pandemic and thrive beyond it.
Francesca Dobbyn

Executive Director, United Way Bruce Grey