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Thank you for attending my Foundant gratitude presentation! Below are links to content I mentioned during the webinar. If you have any questions, please email me and I’ll be happy to answer them. Below the links is a special offer for webinar attendees.

Experts on gratitude:

Beth Ann Locke, The Fundraiser Coach: Say thank you for generosity (act of giving), not generousness (amount donated)
Dr, Adrian Sargaent: Donors recall the thank you more than the appeal

Giving Tuesday without giving gratitude:

Giving Tuesday 2019: Instagram posts were a failure
Giving Tuesday 2020: Lots of emails and posts, almost no gratitude

Ways to give thanks:

gratitude email for RobVideo: The Stroh Center Rap
Video: Illinois State University Alumni Day of Giving
Great Gratitude: How to show it

Stickers: Your nonprofit’s secret weapon
University of Texas study: Text vs. email vs. phone
Personalized thank you videos- 4 companies: 
Kindkatch    Thankview    Gratavid   BombBomb


Offer for Foundant webinar attendees:

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