Marketing Kickstart

Your nonprofit has a marketing and communications strategy. But you’re not sure if it’s working or it’s been awhile since you took a look at it.

  • Does it need someone to breathe new life into it?
  • Maybe have a fresh set of eyes take a look and do some analysis?
  • Wanna ensure your marketing program is helping, not hindering, your overall fundraising efforts?

There’s good news: Our Marketing Kickstart is for you! The goal is to see what’s working, analyze and improve what isn’t and provide you with some new ideas and strategies you can implement. 

Choose from one of the packages below, be in touch or schedule a call and let’s work together to kickstart your marketing and fundraising success!

I. Social Media Spark

Let’s find out if your content is reaching your target audience and if it’s mobilizing them to action. Includes

  • Platforms: Are you using the right ones? What opportunities are out there?
  • Content: Evaluation and ideas for how to reach your target audience
  • Blog: Content review (demonstrate expertise!) and ways to attract more eyeballs
  • Video: How to use it effectively to stay in touch with followers

II. Email Marketing Upgrade

Are your email and e-newsletter open and click thru rates below average? Is your content mobilizing readers to click thru and act? We’ll review your 

  • Website: Where and how you’re asking people to sign up
  • Layout and content audit: We’ll suggest design improvements to the look of your emails (if needed) and provide ideas to upgrade the content you’re presenting
  • Welcome email: Let’s make sure a subscriber’s first interaction with your organization is full of gratitude!
  • A/B testing and segmentation: Using data to see what works and what doesn’t, testing to improve open and click thru rates

III. Communications Check-up

How are you currently communicating with donors, supporters, cheerleaders and followers? We’ll provide suggestions for improvements and new ideas you can test and implement. Includes

  • Online and offline marketing materials: Review, analysis and suggested upgrades for annual reports, welcome emails, fundraising letters and more
  • Communications: Are you missing out on chances to place articles, interviews or op-eds?  How can you reach a wider audience, educate them and mobilize them to join your cause?
  • Gratitude audit: Are you thanking your donors properly? Making them feel good about how they’re helping their community? Or are you busy talking about “we we we” and losing your donors? Let’s evaluate and improve!

IV. Website Boost

Your website is your window to the world. Is it keeping people’s attention? Are you getting people to subscribe to your newsletter and/or donate? Includes

  • Data: A full review of Google Analytics, what we can learn, what needs to change
  • Layout: Should they stay or should they go? Easy for users to navigate and use your site, mobile responsiveness (because 50% of people are visiting your site from their phones!)
  • Forms: Analysis of landing pages, subscription forms (e.g. newsletter, volunteering) and online donation form. Are they converting and if not, how can we ratchet up your conversion rate?
  • Content: Is the content doing its job- read and react? Are you using the rule of KISS (keep it simple and short!) and utilizing headings and bulleted lists? Let’s figure out (using the data analysis above) which pages need work. Test and implement new ideas to keep eyeballs glued to your site!
Guiding Your Roadmap To Success

You’ve chosen a package above. We’ve worked together and helped you analyze your current position. We’ve given you new strategies to improve your marketing efforts. You’re going to implement and use the ideas as part of your overall fundraising success.

As you move forward…

  • Would you like someone to review your posts/materials and offer some straight-up feedback and advice?
  • Are you interested in learning how to use new tools and platforms?
  • Not sure how to conduct media outreach?

We’re here to help! We offer training and coaching- hourly work or package deals are available. Be in touch or schedule a call and let’s work together. Operators are standing by!

P.S. OK, our founder is the operator but at least you won’t have to be transferred to 15 people before speaking to him!