We understand your pain points. Let us help you ease the marketing burden so you can focus on fundraising and meeting your yearly goals!

Bottom line: Your organization needs to raise more funds to help its growing list of constituents. Maybe you have people you can reach out to but you want to start tapping new audiences. You’ll need to start spreading the word online. Your fundraisers will need printed materials to distribute when they have face-to-face meetings. This means that your online and offline collateral will have to be up to date, engaging and invite people to learn more. Not a big deal. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Or not. At 1832, we understand the constant need to keep materials updated, social media posts engaging and digital marketing efforts relevant. This could include op eds to raise awareness, a blog which provides added value for readers, email marketing to keep subscribers updated, reviewing data (e.g. online traffic) to see what’s working, ads to push upcoming events and fundraisers, presentation preparation and speech writing, finding corporate partnerships and more. The ultimate goal? Your bottom line.

How We Can Help

1832 is here to help you reach your goals and exceed them. We do that by helping you with

  • Your branding and messaging
  • Reviewing past performance and finding areas where improvement could help the bottom line
  • Website building/redesigning/updating
  • Copywriting for all fundraising collateral
  • Crafting an actionable and realistic communications and marketing strategy

We invite you to learn about our work with one of our clients, the global nonprofit I Support The Girls and how we have helped them build their communications and marketing apparatus from the ground up.

One final thing important to note:

We don’t just work with nonprofits. We have also volunteered with a number of organizations. It’s not just a matter of giving back. It’s also to see how nonprofits manage their volunteers and what lessons can be learned from those experiences. Always learning…

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