We understand your pain points. Let us upgrade your marketing apparatus to help you build better relationships with supporters and boost your fundraising efforts.

Bottom line: Your organization needs to raise more funds to help its growing list of constituents. You also need to increase your retention rate while tapping into new audiences. Doing so means having online content and offline collateral which is engaging and causes people to want to learn more. Not a big deal. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Or not. At 1832 Communications, we understand the constant need to plan, find and post engaging content which keeps followers, supporters and subscribers updated, raises awareness, mobilizes them to take action and drives traffic to your website. The ultimate goal? Build relationships, increase donations and service more people in your community, i.e. greater mission impact.


How We Can Help

1832 is here to help you reach your goals and exceed them. We do that by helping you

  • Connect your marketing to your fundraising efforts
  • Upgrade your branding, content and messaging
  • Analyze past performance and finding areas where improvement will significantly alter results
  • Craft an actionable marketing strategy which will improve your website content, enhance your online digital presence, upgrade your email marketing apparatus and advance your communications and media outreach efforts.

Bottom line? Your fundraising gets a boost!

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