Storytelling Cheat Sheet

Fundraising? Marketing? Communications? It’s all about storytelling.

The ability to tug at the emotional heart strings with a well written story. The chance to capture someone’s attention with just the right photo or graphic. The opportunity to educate by engaging the audience. All of these and more relate to good storytelling.

Storytelling today includes hashtags, Instagram Stories, knowing what to say and when to say it, simply responding to a comment. It’s not just direct mail pieces with great copy and a heart tugging picture.

Modern day storytelling has many components to it. To help you tell your story better, I have created a cheat sheet you can download, print and place near your desk. The goal is to know what to do and sometimes more importantly, what NOT to do.

Want to improve and upgrade your relationship with your target audience? Download the cheat sheet and educate them about your mission and your work.