About 1832 Communications

I partner with your nonprofit to ensure that your fundraising and marketing efforts work together to help you build more relationships, raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in the community.


When fundraising and marketing work in tandem, the benefits are a stable revenue stream and sustainable programs. You’ll advance the mission of your organization, without being hampered by loss of funds or brand awareness.


When fundraising and marketing work together, it’s a beautiful thing!

Let's work together!

About 1832

If your fundraising and marketing aren’t in sync, your organization is losing opportunities to grow. The partnership of these two are tantamount for success.

I empower organizations to build stronger relationships with supporters and raise more money. My distinct approach allows your organization to grow its user base, fundraise more effectively and build brand awareness both online and offline. Together we’ll craft personalized and custom strategies which not only address your immediate needs but also map out future fundraising and marketing activities.

In short, I’ll take your organization from survival to thrival. (And yeah, not a real word but I like it!)


1832 offers a full range of dedicated and distinct services to help you solve your fundraising and marketing challenges. Working together, we’ll build a solid foundation for success, grounded in proven principles. I specialize in

  • Ensuring your fundraising and marketing efforts work in tandem
  • Custom strategy formulation
  • Email fundraising and marketing
  • Digital engagement
  • Project management from start to finish

Learn about the full range of services I offer for your nonprofit.


During our initial consultation I will learn about your organization and unique needs. I gather information using all the available data, evaluate the competitive landscape, review past promotional materials (digital and print) and campaigns, conduct surveys, interviews and more.

I then review the collected data and present you with the steps I believe are crucial to achieving your fundraising and marketing goals, through formulation of a custom, detailed strategy.

This is not a solo journey: We are partners every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. I follow the lead of Frank Anfield (former CEO, Young & Rubicam, New York): “There isn’t a lot of traffic on the extra mile.”


My name is Ephraim Gopin. I am the founder of 1832 Communications. I have two decades of senior management, fundraising, marketing, communications and grant writing experience. 

When you work with 1832, you work directly with me and have access to my knowledge, experience and expertise. This ensures you receive my full service and a one-on-one relationship.

Contact Ephraim to discuss your current organizational fundraising and marketing challenges.

Does your organization:
Need to jumpstart its digital footprint?
Have to update outdated marketing materials?
Want to learn how to get ahead using metrics and data?

1832 has the solutions to help your organization achieve its goals!

Evaluate & Formulate

1832 reviews your previous marketing efforts, evaluates the competitive landscape and crafts a comprehensive strategy to move you forward

Data Inspired

Understand, measure and use the many data points your organization has available to grow revenue and guide decision making

It's a Partnership

From start to finish, we’re talking with our clients every step of the way. We work together to build a formula for success

Path to Success

Implement the strategy we build together. Tell your story, market your unique work to the target audience and grow your organization

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