Why 1832? Storytelling.

As told by Ephraim:

My earliest memories are from Jacksonville, Florida. My family moved there in 1975, when I was 3 years old. I have quite a number of memories from the 2 years I lived there:

  • celebrating the U.S. Bicentennial at Disneyworld
  • the custodian of the local synagogue calling me French Fry
  • seeing salamanders moving slowly across the screen door at the house
  • being scared and hiding behind a chair during a violent thunder and lightning storm
  • that time I almost burned down my parents’ house on Hanukka in December 1976 (true story).

But what does 1832 have to do with Jacksonville? In 1832, Jacksonville officially became a city.

When I tell my story, I always begin with my earliest memories and gradually move to today. When I work with clients, my goal is to hear their story from the very beginning (their Jacksonville) until today. Then I craft the strategy that is going to help them tell their story for a long time to come.

Marketing and communications are all about storytelling and using storytelling to help the target audience create a connection with your company or organization. 1832 will help you do that, from the beginning until tomorrow.

Ephraim in Florida