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Nonprofit life isn’t just about fundraising. It’s about storytelling and data and email marketing and website content and demonstrating gratitude and advocacy and graphic design and copywriting and management and grant writing and… 

Let’s start again: Nonprofit life encompasses a wide range of topics. Sometimes, you don’t have time to keep on top of all of it. The Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit Podcast is here to help! Each week we’ll feature a sector professional with an expertise in a specific field related to nonprofit life. In 15 minutes you’ll have actionable items you can implement right away at your organization.

This podcast will deliver information that is relevant to any nonprofit role you fill. You’ll meet nonprofit experts who are more than happy to share their smarts with you. They’ll utilize their years of experience in the field to help you improve your work. 

Our goal is to help you broaden your horizons. Personal growth and professional development are not only important for you but they’re critical to the survival of your organization.

Listen, watch or read each episode.

Learn, implement and grow.

Below is a list of guests who have appeared on the podcast and the topic they discussed.

Jacob Kamaras discusses media relations

Episode aired Jan. 12, 2021: Media relations

Jacob Kamaras has been a reporter, an editor and is now an owner of a small media outlet. He knows what you have to do to build relationships with journalists in order to place your story. In this episode Jacob discusses 

  • What you have to present journalists when you email them
  • The importance of building relationships with media members
  • What to prepare in advance of pitching a story
  • Continuing the relationship after your story was posted and  
  • Why we need to change the term “nonprofit.”     

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stop being the acrobat with Cindy Wagman

Episode aired Jan. 5, 2021: Being a successful fundraiser

Cindy Wagman of The Good Partnership is not only an experienced fundraiser. She’s an expert in helping small shop fundraisers build relationships, raise more and use their time effectively to do so. In this episode Cindy discusses 

  • How to change the dominant narratives around fundraising
  • Changing how we think about who can give
  • Why engaging small donors is critical to success
  • What to do BEFORE making an in-person ask
  • How to stop being The Acrobat and  
  • Why multi-tasking isn’t as great as you think it is.       

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Josh Hirsch discusses social media marketing

Episode aired Dec. 2, 2021: Social Media

Josh Hirsch isn’t just a nonprofit marketing expert. He’s in charge of social marketing for Susan G. Komen, which means he has to manage a LOT of moving parts. And he does so very successfully! In this episode Josh discusses 

  • Knowing your audience so your posts have the right tone
  • Mistakes NPOs make on social media- and how to fix them
  • Measuring social success- what REALLY matters
  • Connecting financial results from social media activity
  • How to choose which social channels to be active on and 
  • Working with affiliates/chapters on pushing out content.     

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Rachel Werner discusses prospect research

Episode aired Nov. 11, 2021: Prospect Research

Rachel Werner of RBW Strategy has raised over $130 million in grant funding. So she knows when a potential funder is a right fit- and when it’s not. In this episode Rachel discusses 

  • What to look for when determining if a foundation is a good prospect
  • Tools to research prospective funders
  • Assessing whether you’re ready to seek grants
  • Why you need to know your “why” and
  • The importance of connections when deciding whether to approach a foundation.     

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Boris Kievsjy discusses storytelling

Episode aired October 21, 2021: Storytelling

Boris Kievsky of dotOrg Strategy knows all about storytelling. That’s what happens when you work in Hollywood. He’s taken that experience and is using it to help nonprofits tell their story. In this episode Boris discusses 

  • Who is the hero in a story
  • How stories help us connect to others
  • Using “the Hollywood Way” to tell nonprofit stories
  • Telling stories across multiple channels and
  • What HAS to be present with every piece of content you produce.     

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Rickesh Lakhani discusses impactful social change

Episode aired October 14, 2021: Social Change

What type of leader are you: Always sticking with the “old ways” or willing to look out for new ways of thinking and doing? Rickesh Lakhani, Executive Director of Future Possibilities for Kids, strongly believes in trying new things and leading from the fringes. In this episode Rickesh discusses 

  • How “Pattern Interrupt” creates change
  • Balancing best practices with the need to try new things
  • What data to monitor to determine overall impact
  • The overall sector and our inability to change and
  • Why we should stop calling it the “nonprofit” sector.    

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Harvey McKinnon discusses monthly giving

Episode aired September 2, 2021: Monthly Giving

Does your organization have a monthly giving program? If not why not??? Harvey McKinnon, the man who wrote the book on the topic, will teach you all about it and why your charity should offer monthly giving. In this episode Harvey discusses 

  • what stops nonprofits from offering monthly giving to donors
  • advance prep before setting up a monthly giving program
  • who to target with a monthly giving ask
  • what channels to use to market it
  • the advantages of monthly giving and
  • what separates successful from not successful nonprofits. 

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Kelly Velasquez-Hague discusses social giving

Episode aired August 19, 2021: Social Giving

The 2021 Giving Experience Study, published by OneCause, showcases the changes philanthropy, fundraising, donors and comms have undergone during Corona. As Kelly Velasquez-Hague notes, those changes aren’t going away when the pandemic does. In this episode Kelly discusses 

  • how lockdown made giving more accessible and diverse
  • what will determine whether people want to return to in-person events
  • what motivates social donors to give again
  • the positive changes in Millennial giving
  • how to make giving easy for social donors and
  • what fundraising trends will continue after corona ends.   

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Fundraiser focus with David Burgess

Episode aired August 12, 2021: Fundraiser Focus

Can anyone become a fundraiser? David Burgess of Apollo Fundraising trains fundraisers but also helps non-fundraisers to become fundraisers for causes that are close to them. In this episode David discusses 

  • what fundraisers should focus on (hint: it’s not the money)
  • the impact of stories on donors AND staff
  • 3 characteristics all fundraisers should possess
  • why you should turn an ask into an invitation
  • tips for making a successful ask and
  • why NPOs requiring a university degree in job listings should stop it. Now. 

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Face behind the logo with Greg Leurs

Episode aired August 5, 2021: Behind The Logo

What’s it like to manage and post content for a nonprofit, such as a prestigious institution in London? Greg Leurs is a member of the team who manage the social media content for the Royal Holloway Library at the University of London. Their content is smart, engaging, funny and creative. How do they do it? In this episode Greg discusses 

  • the pressure of being the face behind the logo
  • tips for preparing content for a brand that engages followers
  • the importance of setting up guidelines, policies, calendars
  • building a content strategy and showing personality
  • how to deal with mistakes and
  • how to deal with negative comments/responses.  

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Working with the board with Susan Detwiler

Episode aired July 29, 2021: Working With The Board

Susan Detwiler of The Detwiler Group is a nonprofit strategist and facilitator. When the Board and staff have a harmonious relationship, great things happen. When they don’t… In this episode Susan discusses 

  • the most common source of friction between Board and staff
  • 3 ways to involve the Board in operations and planning
  • 4 reasons for having Board term-limits
  • why frequent meetings between the CEO and Board chair are critical and 
  • what data the Board needs to make decisions.  

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Video for good with Reuben Herzl

Episode aired July 22, 2021: Video For Good

Reuben Herzl of Groundmaking is an expert nonprofit video director and producer. There’s a lot that goes into making a great video which will mobilize supporters to take action. In this episode Reuben discusses 

  • the SPICE routine when preparing to record
  • tips on how to successfully film kids
  • what types of video your NPO should be recording and using
  • why you need to find the right story circle, not arc and 
  • how testimonials can help your fundraising efforts. 

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Nonprofit marketing strategy with Maria Bryan

Episode aired July 15, 2021: Marketing Strategy

When marketing and fundraising are in sync, beautiful things happen. That of course means planning out your marketing strategy. NPO marketing strategist Maria Bryan will explain just how to do that. In this episode she discusses 

  • why marketing goals aren’t just numbers
  • the importance of investing in brand awareness and authority building
  • what 3 elements your marketing strategy must include
  • how to determine what platforms to be on and
  • what’s your north star and why it’s critical to success. 

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Individual Giving with Mimosa Kabir

Episode aired June 24, 2021: Individual Giving

Fundraising isn’t about the money. It’s about getting to know donors, building relationships and understanding how they want to be communicated with. Fundraising pro Mimosa Kabir has spent her career successfully connecting with people and the causes closest to them. In this episode Mimosa discusses

  • how to encourage monthly giving
  • what to leave at the door before meeting a donor
  • how to use digital tools to connect with people
  • a different way to view the low retention rate
  • the importance of segmenting donor communications and
  • how often should you ask for a donation.  

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Sam Laprade discusses interviews and storytelling

Episode aired June 17, 2021: Storytelling

You need stories for your fundraising campaigns, email marketing, brochures, social media, website and more. Who better to learn from how to interview subjects and get the info you need than fundraising specialist Sam Laprade, who’s also a radio host?! In this episode Sam discusses

  • what makes a good story
  • how to prepare for interviews of service recipients
  • tips for successful interviews
  • the importance of quotes and  
  • how to use data to get an emotional reaction from your audience. 

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Content marketing with Abby Jarvis

Episode aired May 26, 2021: Content Marketing

Blogs, social posts, ebooks, guides, website copy, newsletters, emails. There’s a LOT of content you can be producing. Abby Jarvis of Qgiv produces all of it- and her content gets results! How? In this episode Abby discusses

  • how to find and where to look for content
  • what 1 thing does every piece of content have to have
  • what to prepare in advance of writing a blog post
  • writing tips to keep the audience reading  
  • how your content helps your fundraising efforts and
  • juggling everything to produce max content every year. 

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Meico Marquette Whitlock talks about coping with stress

Episode aired May 12, 2021: Coping With Stress

Have you got way too much going in your life? Too many demands from too many people? Meico Marquette Whitlock of Mindful Techie will help you tackle your nonprofit work-life and tech-life balance. In this episode Meico discusses

  • dealing with IDD- Intention Deficit Disorder
  • why purchasing a real alarm clock is a huge help
  • 3 apps to help you lessen stress and manage your time
  • how to deal with an endless stream of email  
  • reclaiming your commute time and 
  • why you shouldn’t die with the music still inside you.

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Capital campaigns with Amy Eisenstein

Episode aired May 4, 2021: Capital Campaign

She is a fundraising authority and a capital campaign expert. Amy Eisenstein of Capital Campaign Toolkit knows the secrets to a successful capital campaign…and why they sometimes fail. In this episode Amy discusses

  • what a capital campaign is supposed to accomplish for your organization
  • the 7-stages of a capital campaign
  • reasons why you should NOT embark on a capital campaign
  • preparing in advance to ensure campaign success and 
  • what’s the #1 mistake nonprofits make with their fundraising.

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Nonprofit Digital Marketing with Justin Ware

Episode aired April 28, 2021: Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media. Digital ads. Video. Posts. Email. It’s all part of your digital marketing toolkit and if you listen to Justin Ware of {{firstname}}, you’ll learn the components of a successful digital fundraising strategy. In this episode Justin discusses

  • what advance prep work you need to do ahead of a fundraising campaign
  • how video helps build relationships
  • why being real and authentic is a video must
  • what journalists are looking for when you send a pitch and 
  • why Instagram Stories must be taken advantage of!

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SEO for nonprofits with Tatiana Morand

Episode aired April 21, 2021: SEO For Nonprofits

Tatiana Morand of Wild Apricot is a content and SEO smartie. Knowing what is necessary to help your organization rank high in Google search results is her expertise. In this episode Tatiana discusses

  • how to improve your SEO efforts
  • the elements of high quality content
  • the importance of the user experience
  • why it’s important for your organization to rank high in Google search results
  • keywords research and how to do it and
  • how to manage your website content for success.

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personalization and segmentation with Steven Shattuck

Episode aired March 24, 2021: The Human Touch

As the author of “Robots Make Bad Fundraisers,” Steven Shattuck of Bloomerang knows how much donors appreciate the human touch. He is an expert in donor list segmentation and how to personalize communications to build relationships. In this episode Steven discusses

    • 2 groups of donors you might be overlooking 
    • why automation isn’t a replacement for the human touch  
    • what donors want to know when you communicate with them
    • how to turn 1st time donors into recurring donors and
    • why digital doesn’t have to be “robotic.”.  

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Taking your fundraising to the next level with Julie Edwards

Episode aired March 17, 2021: Let’s Raise More!

As a former executive director and fundraiser, Julie Edwards has seen up close what separates the successful from the not so successful organizations. In this episode Julie discusses

  • what one thing NPOs don’t do well- and how much it hurts them 
  • three ways to segment a donor list  
  • how marketing and fundraising should work together
  • how you make it “rain for change”
  • the ROI in investing in a consultant and
  • how Board structure and scarcity mindset hurt the sector.  

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Collaborations and partnerships with Francesca Dobbyn

Episode aired March 3, 2021: Partnerships

Francesca Dobbyn has been Executive Director of her local United Way for the last 16 years. She works with over 50 organizations and knows all about collaboration. In this episode Francesca discusses

  • the upside and downside of partnering with other nonprofits 
  • why it’s critical to match expectations from the outset  
  • what to check out before partnering with another organization
  • how to determine splitting the costs
  • how the “view from above” creates a ton of good on the ground below and
  • what nonprofits need to stop apologizing for.  

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What is leadership with Janice Cunning

Episode aired Feb. 24, 2021: What Is Leadership

Janice Cunning of Fundraising Leadership is an expert in nonprofit leadership development. Leadership is more than the money you raise. In this episode Janice discusses

  • 3 ways to encourage staff to provide honest feedback 
  • what a commitment to vulnerability is  
  • how to turn every staff member into a fundraiser
  • how to fix a common toxic workplace issue and
  • what’s more important than how much money you raised.  

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Digital fundraising with Brock Warner

Episode aired Feb. 17, 2021: Show Your Work

When it comes to digital fundraising, Brock Warner wrote the book on it. Literally. He knows the importance of using multiple digital platforms to communicate and engage donors. In this episode Brock discusses

  • what 3 items must appear above the fold of your website 
  • strategies for engaging followers on social media  
  • how to turn email subscribers into donors
  • which type of fundraising campaign works best online
  • how digital fundraising builds donor loyalty and
  • what does it mean to be truly donor centric.  

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The law, lawyers and nonprofits with Jess Birken

Episode aired Feb. 10, 2021: Hire A Pro

Jess Birken of Birken Law is a nonprofit lawyer who helps nonprofits solve problems. She knows what happens when nonprofits don’t hire a professional for certain tasks: It can turn into a disaster. In this episode Jess discusses

  • why having a lawyer on the Board is complicated 
  • 3 myths about the IRS and how to avoid falling into traps  
  • who owns a nonprofit
  • why hiring a professional is going to save you headaches and money in the long-run and
  • how a professional can help you through a crisis.  

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Corporate fundraising success with Heather Nelson

Episode aired Feb. 3, 2021: Corporate Fundraising Success

Heather Nelson of BridgeRaise is an expert in corporate fundraising. But if you think that partnering with a company is all about the money your nonprofit stands to gain, think again. In this episode Heather discusses

  • why starting with a list of companies to target is a mistake 
  • the importance of having a corporate gift acceptance policy  
  • why you should always start with connections
  • how value alignment is key to the partnership and
  • what happens when transparency and trust are not part of the partnership package.  

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Marc A. Pitman discusses what makes a great fundraiser

Episode aired Jan. 27, 2021: Great Fundraisers

After 25 years in the sector, fundraising expert Marc A. Pitman has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s not easy but anyone can become a successful fundraiser. In this episode Marc discusses

  • the danger in making decisions for donors 
  • what an ask MUST include or otherwise it’s not an ask  
  • the Get R.E.A.L. approach to fundraising
  • the importance of research and practicing and
  • why failure and taking risks will benefit your organization.  

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Thought Leadership with Geoffrey Melada

Episode aired Jan. 20, 2021: Thought Leadership

As a long time communications expert, Geoffrey Melada of Treatment Advocacy Center is well versed in what thought leadership is and isn’t. It isn’t storytelling and cheerleading for your nonprofit. In this episode Geoffrey discusses

  • who can be a thought leader (it’s not just the CEO) and why a thought leader should be more Yoda, less Luke Skywalker
  • where ideas for thought leadership pieces come from  
  • how to use media and content to transform someone into a thought leader and
  • why your nonprofit shouldn’t try to force someone to become a thought leader.  

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Video marketing for nonprofits with Taylor Shanklin

Episode aired Jan. 13, 2020: Video Marketing

Taylor Shanklin of Firefly Partners is an expert on using video to connect with an audience. As she says, it doesn’t have to be polished but it does have to be authentic. In this episode Taylor discusses

  • why video is worth 100 coffee conversations
  • what equipment and apps you should have to help polish your videos  
  • what to prepare in advance before recording and
  • how and why video helps you build better relationships with the audience.  

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The data of fundraising with Matthew Dubins

Episode aired Jan. 6, 2020: The Data of Fundraising

Matthew Dubins of Donor Science is a self-described data nerd. He knows how crucial data is to your nonprofit’s fundraising, marketing and communications efforts. In this episode Matthew discusses

  • data points you should be looking for to raise more and increase retention rates
  • what your nonprofit is missing by not incorporating data into your operations 
  • how predictive modelling helps your fundraising and
  • questions you need to consider when reviewing the data you’re collecting.

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Erica Mills Barnhart talks about the power of words

Episode aired Dec. 16, 2020: The Power of Words

Erica Mills Barnhart isn’t just the founder of Claxon Marketing and an Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Washington. She’s also a master wordsmith. She understands how each word affects how supporters view our organization. In this episode Erica discusses

  • why your mission statement needs to be MUCH shorter!!! (HINT: A mission statement is not about the staff’s view)
  • why the words ‘provide’, ‘community’ and ‘we’ need to go 
  • dropping boring words and using words that engage and educate and
  • why certain terms (e.g. food insecurity) don’t say what you think they do.

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Nonprofit Small Shop Success with Rachel Bearbower

Episode aired Dec. 2, 2020: Small Shop Success

As a former small shop Executive Director, Rachel Bearbower of Small Shop Strategies understands how tough it is to do everything on your own. The stress, frustration and being underfunded can be overwhelming. In this episode Rachel discusses

  • 2 methods to survive and not drown
  • why culture is critical to thriving 
  • planning, setting goals and learning to prioritize
  • creating a comms plan where you show up consistently and 
  • what it’s like to be a farmer-in-training!  

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Grantwriting secrets with Bethany M. Planton

Episode aired Nov. 18, 2020: Grant Writing Success

Bethany M. Planton of bmpconsulting is an expert grant writer. Her success with grant writing isn’t just because she can answer questions. It’s way more than that. In this episode Bethany discusses

  • the importance of conducting research prior to applying
  • what documents you have to prepare in advance
  • 3 writing secrets- including which editing tool you MUST use
  • why your application was rejected and  
  • how to build relationships with funders and why it’s crucial to success. 

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Virtual event success with Liz Cohen

Episode aired Nov. 4, 2020: Virtual Event Success

Liz Cohen knows all about planning, coordinating and managing successful virtual events. Just because it exists doesn’t mean people will attend. In this episode Liz discusses

  • the advantages a virtual event has over an in-person event
  • the need to use video before, during and after the event
  • the importance of having the right people in the virtual room
  • why having tangible benefits for attendees is crucial 
  • tidbits and teasers leading up to the event and
  • how to crystallize your brand story by simply talking to people.

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Being social on social media with Kirsty Marrins

Episode aired Oct. 28, 2020: Being Social

As a digital communications specialist, Kirsty Marrins knows that nonprofits who are broadcasters won’t see success on social media. There’s a reason it’s called ‘social.’ In this episode Kirsty discusses

  • why scheduling and forgetting about posts doesn’t work
  • how to encourage audience engagement 
  • what a social media strategy has to include 
  • the difference between Facebook and Twitter and
  • why Twitter is a great platform for nonprofits to take advantage of.

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View from the CEO'd chair with Dana Marlowe

Episode aired Oct. 21, 2020: View From Above

Dana Marlowe is the Founder and Executive Director of I Support The Girls, a national nonprofit. Although we’re sure we could do a better job than the boss, after a day in their seat we probably would be happy going back to our regular job. In this episode Dana discusses

  • what causes her to lose sleep at night
  • how to juggle numerous stakeholders on a daily basis
  • why you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room
  • the importance of having a sounding board and 
  • the commitment, drive and passion necessary to be successful over the long haul.

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Nonprofit communications and marketing with Jereme Bivins

Episode aired Oct. 14, 2020: Communicate!

When communications is viewed as a service department, your bottom line suffers. Nonprofit expert Jereme Bivins of Good Dog Strategies knows that incorporating comms and marketing into the overall fabric of your NPO boosts your fundraising. In this episode Jereme discusses

  • the elements of a digital ad campaign strategy
  • different types of videos you should produce and share
  • how brand presence strengthens relationships
  • misconceptions people have about foundations and 
  • why the NPO sector needs to stop worshipping the for-profit sector.

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Donor retention podcast with Lisa Chmiola

Episode aired Oct. 7, 2020: Donor Retention

With 2 decades of philanthropic development experience, Lisa Chmiola of Fablanthropy knows what it takes to keep donor retention rates high. Whether in a small or large shop, your focus should be on relationship building, not creating shiny reports. In this episode Lisa discusses

  • 4 reasons why retention is so low
  • the importance of an outreach strategy and plan
  • the need to stop being so territorial
  • why immediate follow up- both internally and externally- is critical to retention and
  • 9-to-5: If donors don’t work 9-to-5, then why should we?

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Direct Mail with Mike Duerksen

Episode aired Sept. 30, 2020: Direct Mail

Mike Duerksen of BuildGood knows all the reasons why people sour on direct mail. But the amount of money it helps raise and the different types of giving it leads to? You’re not beating that! In this episode Mike discusses

  • 5 reasons why direct mail is still king
  • why you should send more than 1 mailing per year
  • where does fundraising go to die
  • why a clear, urgent, defined problem is critical to success
  • the ‘what-if’ game and
  • why you need to kill your mission statement. 

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data and your nonprofit with Allen Davidov

Episode aired Sept. 23, 2020: Use The Data!

Allen Davidov has extensive nonprofit experience. His true love? Data. Allen is a data nerd and through his work at Environics Analytics, he utilizes data to help nonprofits grow. In this episode Allen discusses

  • the importance of aligning values with your donors
  • data hygiene and why it’s critical to success
  • what should be included in a data strategy
  • having in places procedures and a process for dealing with data and
  • why an investment in data is going to further your mission. 

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Year-End Fundraising Success with Laura Amerman

Episode aired Sept. 16, 2020: Year-End Success

As an experienced and expert fundraiser and copywriter, Laura Amerman of Blue Canoe Philanthropy knows the ingredients needed to make a year-end direct mail appeal a success. In this episode Laura discusses

  • when to prepare the appeal. November is not acceptable
  • why length matters
  • how crucial the outer envelope is to success
  • what 3 things must be included in the appeal
  • why proofreading by committee is a recipe for disaster and
  • why your P.S. better be strong.

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Gifts in Wills with Ligia Pena

Episode aired September 9, 2020: Gifts In Wills

Ligia Pena is a global legacy giving expert. Through her company Globetrotting Fundraiser, she is helping nonprofits understand the value in investing in tomorrow and not just thinking about today. In this episode Ligia discusses

  • why it should be called “gifts in wills” 
  • surprise surprise! Which of your current donors should you be targeting for gifts in wills?
  • whether you need to be a lawyer or accountant to develop a gifts in wills program 
  • what the gifts in wills page on your website must contain and
  • the difference between major gifts and gifts in wills.

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Speaking with nonprofit audiences with Dave Tinker

Episode aired August 26, 2020: Public Speaking

Dave Tinker is a fundraising authority. With 30 years experience in the field, he is a sought after speaker at small and large conferences. He knows what needs to be prepared in advance of a talk and how to engage an audience. In this episode Dave discusses

  • how to personalize a talk
  • what 3 things to prepare in advance
  • which topic causes the most eye rolls in the audience 
  • what a “no” from a donor actually means and
  • which group of fundraisers don’t receive the respect and recognition they deserve.

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Building nonprofit community with Dan Hanley

Episode aired August 19, 2020: Building Community

When it comes to building relationships, nonprofit and fundraising expert Dan Hanley of Altrui Consulting is a pro’s pro. How can your nonprofit build a community? Put your mission in front of more people. In this episode Dan discusses

  • what fundraising is- and what it isn’t
  • how critical it is to get out and meet new people
  • how social media helps you build community and 
  • the need to invest in volunteers- one of your major forefront communities.

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Nonprofit transparency with Nick Savarese

Episode aired August 12, 2020: What Is Transparency

Nick Savarese knows that transparency isn’t just posting your financials on your website. It’s much deeper than that. The organization he heads, the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation For Autism has adopted a more holistic approach to transparency. In this episode Nick discusses

  • why unrestricted donor funds = transparency
  • why being vulnerable as an organization is liberating
  • the importance of constantly producing fresh content and 
  • why not being perfect- and saying publicly that you don’t have all the answers- is okay.

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Life as a donor with Lisa Greer

Episode aired August 5, 2020: What Donors Think And Want

Have you ever sat down and had an honest conversation with your donors? If not, then you should listen to philanthropist and donor Lisa Greer of Saving Giving. Fundraisers have a LOT to learn! In this episode Lisa discusses

  • 3 things a nonprofit must do (besides a thank you letter) to retain a donor
  • what happens when you make a donor feel uncomfortable
  • the assumption that one gift will lead to more and 
  • why fundraisers should read the emails they send.

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Sharon Rosenblatt discusses website accessibility

Episode aired July 29, 2020: Access For All

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the signing into law of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). 20% of the population has a disability. As accessibility expert Sharon Rosenblatt of Accessibility Partners says, if 20% of your website traffic can’t access your donate page, how much money are you leaving on the tale? In this episode Sharon discusses

  • what we can implement right now to make our sites and content accessible
  • how to test your website for accessibility issues
  • the importance of labeling form fields and
  • why “nothing about us without us” has a long way to go.

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Kimberley MacKenzie discusses organizational culture

Episode aired July 22, 2020: Change the culture

Kimberley MacKenzie of Kimberley MacKenzie and Associates says that changing the organizational culture starts from the very top. That means modeling certain behaviors and creating a culture of philanthropy where everyone is onboard with the mission. In this episode Kimberley discusses

  • 4 organizational characteristics successful nonprofits possess
  • the greatest challenge for a fundraiser
  • what a CEO can do to promote a positive atmosphere
  • how to go from survive to thrive and
  • why are we pulling babies out of the river?!

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T. Clay Buck discusses the ask

Episode aired July 15, 2020: The Ask

T. Clay Buck of Tactical Fundraising Solutions has 30 years of fundraising experience. So who better to have as a podcast guest to find out: Is “the ask” the hardest part of fundraising? In this episode Clay discusses

  • what the key to successful fundraising is- it’s not necessarily the money
  • when a donor says no, what are the 2 most important words in fundraising
  • the importance of clean data
  • 3 things to do to increase chances of getting a “yes” and
  • the excitement of sitting with a donor to make the ask.

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Fundraising strategy with Barbara O'Reilly

Episode aired July 8, 2020: NPO Sustainability

After more than 20 years in fundraising, Cherian Koshy knows all about short vs. long-term planning…and which one will make your nonprofit more successful. In fact, his organization discusses with donors their 40 year plan! In this episode, Cherian discusses 

  • scarcity vs. abundance mindset and operating from a position of fear
  • the need for taking the long view of donor relationships
  • the importance of diversifying your fundraising portfolio
  • integrating sustainability into your operations and donor communications and
  • addressing the whole human and all their needs.

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Fundraising strategy with Barbara O'Reilly

Episode aired June 24, 2020: Fundraising Strategy

Barbara O’Reilly has over 25 years experience building fundraising strategies for organizations. That strategy has to focus on the resources, skills and tactics needed to build more effective donor relationships and catapult revenue. In this episode, Barbara discusses 

  • what a fundraising strategy has to include
  • the importance of conducting a campaign feasibility study
  • the need to always be planning and growing and
  • what has changed and what has stayed the same in fundraising over the last 25 years.

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Fundraising copywriting expert Julie Cooper discusses how to write for your donors

Episode aired June 17, 2020: Storytelling in Grant Writing

Diane H. Leonard and her team have secured over $65 million in grant funding. She knows how critical storytelling is to a proposal receiving funding. In this episode, Diane discusses 

  • how critical building a relationship with a grant maker is (hint: You want them advocating for you)
  • the importance of having a storytelling bank
  • how a grant proposal budget can also tell a story and
  • why you never want to force a grant maker to do algebra. 

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Fundraising copywriting expert Julie Cooper discusses how to write for your donors

Episode aired June 10, 2020: Writing For Donors

Julie Cooper is an expert fundraising copywriter. She understands that for your donor material to be successful, it has to be written with the donor- and only the donor- in mind. In this episode, Julie discusses 

  • moving donors from ordinary person to hero
  • 3 things every piece of donor material MUST include
  • the importance of an email welcome series for new subscribers
  • why writing is a conversation with the donor and
  • embracing the concept that fundraising is meant for you to grow, not to preserve what you have.

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Jim Martin discusses small shop fundraising

Episode aired June 3, 2020: Small Shop Fundraising

Jim Martin is a passionate fundraising pro who has spent most of his career working in small shops. He knows what it takes to get the job done. In this episode, Jim discusses 

  • the ability to change lives
  • the flexibility of being in a small shop
  • what MUST be done before making an ask of an individual donor
  • direct mail vs. face-to-face: What’s harder?
  • getting stuck in the snow is why he loves Canada so much

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Episode aired May 27, 2020: Building Lasting Relationships

Mary Cahalane has over 30 years experience with hands-on fundraising. She knows what’s needed to strengthen trust and relationships with donors. In this episode, Mary discusses 

  • why retention in the NPO sector remains alarmingly low
  • why gratitude, reporting back to donors and soliciting feedback are key to building relationships with donors
  • the importance of building relationships with foundation partners
  • direct mail and why “trying to appear official” is the wrong way to go.

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Episode aired May 20, 2020: Nonprofit Storytelling

Miriam Brosseau is a talented and expert storyteller. Whether via video, direct mail or email, Miriam knows how a nonprofit can show their footprint and demonstrate real change. In this episode, Miriam discusses 

  • the role stories play in fundraising success
  • her M-A-K-E-R method for telling impactful stories
  • direct mail vs. video
  • taking a peek into smaller stories and
  • her roller rink fantasy!

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Episode aired May 13, 2020: Cause Marketing

Joe Waters is THE cause marketing expert. He’s the author of 2 books on the subject and writes the leading newsletter on the topic. In this episode, Joe discusses 

  • why cause marketing is a “win win, work work” proposition
  • what 3 things your nonprofit has to have ready in advance before approaching a corporation about a partnership
  • where the corporate money is
  • why corporate partnerships fail and
  • his love of gardening.

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Episode aired May 6, 2020: Being Your Own Boss

Leah Esutace has extensive experience as both a nonprofit employee and a consultant. As an owner of an agency, she knows the positives and negatives of working for others vs. being your own boss. In this episode, Leah discusses 

  • the importance of building your own brand and leading with authenticity
  • why joining an existing agency is a good idea before going out on your own
  • how vital it is to take care of yourself and
  • her obsession with canoes!

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Episode aired April 30, 2020: Gratitude Attitude

Beth Ann Locke knows that having a gratitude attitude is critical to the success of every nonprofit. Over the last 25 years she has been a donor champion and raised millions of dollars for small and large shops in North America. 

In this episode, Beth Ann will tell you

  • why it’s important to remove the transaction from a donation
  • how to improve your thank you letters to donors
  • why handwritten notes and cards are so important and
  • why fundraisers need to possess grit, grace and gratitude.

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