Your organization’s fundraising and marketing efforts need to work in tandem. So when you’re working on a strategy for one of them, you must take into account the other.

When fundraising and marketing work together, it stabilizes revenue and provides sustainability for programs.

Is your organization facing one or more of these:

  • Emails aren’t converting subscribers into donors
  • Social media content isn’t hitting the mark
  • Website fails to mobilize people to take action

Then my Roadmap to Success is what you need!

My custom crafted strategy for your organization will

▶️ identify ways to build the relationship with your target audience
▶️ engage them and
strengthen the connection they have with your organization. 

This creates higher rates of donor retention and more money being raised.

Creating a strategy which ensures your fundraising and marketing are maximizing their potential involves three stages:

  1.  Audit: A full review of past and current materials, campaigns and content, data and competitive landscape analysis. The goal is to find out what’s working and what can be improved
  2.  Strategy: Crafting of a custom strategy which can boost your fundraising and marketing efforts. It can cover:
      • Your organization’s digital presence and engagement (includes website, blog, social media)
      • Using storytelling in your fundraising and marketing efforts
      • Improving fundraising activities and offerings (online and offline)
      • Email fundraising and marketing activities
      • Content- branding, messaging, video, images, content calendar
      • Media outreach
  3.  Training: I’ll train your team to implement the strategy.

I’ll make sure your fundraising and marketing efforts are working in tandem so your organization can

✅ Build more relationships
✅ Raise more money
✅ Serve more people
✅ Have more impact in your community.

Contact me today so we can discuss your fundraising and marketing needs and how I can help propel your mission forward.

Ephraim is a dedicated and talented consultant. He guided Yesh Tikva through a full fundraising and marketing strategy, including website redesign. No question was left unanswered and no task unresolved, all completed in a successful and timely manner. I would strongly recommend his expertise to all in need of support with fundraising, marketing, organizational management and content creation.

Gila Muskin Block

Founder and Executive Director, Yesh Tikva