What’s with the name 1832?
In 1832, Jacksonville was established as a city in the state of Florida.
So what does Jacksonville have to do with marketing and communications?
Marketing and communications comes down to telling your story. Our company’s founder, Ephraim Gopin, lived in Jacksonville in the mid 70’s. His earliest childhood memories begin with Jacksonville. When it comes to storytelling, we want to start at the very beginning of your organization and review everything that has happened until now. All the data, activities and materials produced will help us understand who you are and then work together to determine where you want to take your nonprofit in the future. It all comes down to finding your Jacksonville.
Who does 1832 work with?
Our team works with nonprofits and foundations. This can include local nonprofits or global ones. The work is the same: know who your donors are, figure out the best ways to reach them, build strong relationships, fine tune the messaging and then get out there and raise more money for your constituents.
What services does 1832 provide?
We provide a range of digital marketing services (strategy, branding and messaging, website makeovers, content writing, email marketing, social media and more) and online and offline communications services (media outreach and placement, PR services, all forms of communications content). Learn more about the services we offer.
What's the process you use when working with clients?
Our team will first learn about your organization’s culture, industry position and your unique needs. We will gather information using all the available data, evaluate the competitive landscape, review past promotional materials (digital and print), conduct surveys, interviews and more. Our team will then review the collected data and present you with the steps we believe are crucial to achieving your goals, through formulation of a detailed strategy.

Once that strategy has been approved by you, 1832 offers you two possibilities:

  • Our team can manage all the necessary components and implement the ongoing strategy
  • Our team can teach your company’s staff how to use the tools and platforms necessary to carry out the overall strategy. 1832 stays in contact to provide tips, advice and answer questions.
Our nonprofit needs to raise money. Do you have a million dollars to donate?
Unfortunately not. Yet. But 1832 CAN help your organization lay the groundwork to build lasting relationships with your supporters and boost your fundraising. This could include working on your branding, messaging, digital footprint, printed materials and more. We have plenty of experience working with nonprofits. We understand your pain points and are here to help. Be in touch– we’re always happy to talk!
Our organization needs to upgrade our marketing capabilities. We were told that posting Facebook ads will generate immediate sales and boost revenue. What would be the ROI of that advice?
Not very high. Facebook ads is just one of many possibilities you could use in your marketing mix. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your marketing portfolio, see what works and then concentrate your efforts on the platforms bringing you the best return on investment. And yes, Facebook may be a huge part of that!

Sometimes you just need to tweak your current marketing apparatus and sometimes you need to redo the branding, messaging and more. 1832 can help with all your online and offline marketing and communications needs- be in touch!

Would Ephraim be open to speaking engagements or authoring posts/articles for our publication?
Most definitely! Ephraim has been a presenter and speaker- both in person and live webinars- for groups small and large and he has authored many posts and articles for numerous blogs and publications. View Ephraim’s full bio and speaker bio and be in touch!
What if I have an infrequently asked question?
We’ll answer that too! Contact us via our Mad Libs form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

LFAQ (Least Frequently Asked Question)

What are you an influencer of on Klout?
One month before Klout closed, Ephraim got the following results:

Ephraim Gopin was once on Klout

Ephraim has no idea how “Hamas” and “hunger” ended up on this list. Also, Klout wasn’t indicative of anything. But it was fun while it lasted. Like Yo. Ello. And Google Plus. And all the other 50,000 social media apps that didn’t quite make it.

Just because it’s “the latest and greatest” app or platform and of course “everyone is joining” (remember Secret?) doesn’t mean your organization has to be there. Where’s your target audience? Answer that and then you’ll know which platforms you must be on and which ones you can pass up.

P.S. There was also this:

Klout was and is no longer