Ephraim Gopin Bio

Ephraim-GopinEphraim Gopin is a third-generation nonprofit executive, fundraiser and public speaker. In 1993 while a senior in university, he led his first major fundraising campaign in memory of an esteemed faculty member. Donations surpassed the goal by 20% and he organized a dedication ceremony, attended by 1,000 people. Ephraim was the event’s keynote speaker.

After receiving his MBA from Boston University, Ephraim worked as an alumni director and fundraiser, charged with reconnecting alumni with their alma mater. He successfully engaged more than 75% of the alumni and managed all aspects of the annual Dinner, which soon became the institution’s largest and most successful annual fundraising event.

Ephraim has also worked as a grant writer, marketing director and event organizer for various nonprofits. In 2007 he was appointed CEO of Gan Harmony, Israel’s first inclusive nursery, where children with and without disabilities learned together. He managed a staff of 40 and led all fundraising activities.

Foundation Experience

In 2013, Ephraim worked on ‘the other side of the table’ as Director of Communications for a global, private family foundation. This eye-opening experience gave Ephraim an understanding of how foundations operate and make decisions regarding grantees.

By rebranding the foundation, carrying out the marketing strategy he formulated, creating compelling content, establishing their presence on social media, working with media outlets and managing national and global campaigns, Ephraim increased the foundation’s visibility and they became the leading voice in the global Jewish community on the issue they advocate for: the full inclusion of people with disabilities into society.

Ephraim’s strategy tripled traffic to the foundation’s site; increased their visibility via placement of 300+ op-eds, interviews, press articles and quotes for both print and online media; helped create local and national partnerships; and led to the foundation’s blog becoming the leading voice in the global Jewish community on the topic of inclusion.

Ephraim has also worked for a number of hi-tech companies, including large companies with millions of users and those just starting out with seed funding. This includes helping a startup grow their email list from 300 to 11,000 subscribers in less than a year.

In 2018 Ephraim established his own agency, 1832 Communications. 1832’s data inspired approach helps nonprofits raise more money, build relationships, grow their user base and donor lists and improve brand awareness both online and offline. 1832’s clients include both local community organizations and national nonprofits with a presence across the United States.

In his spare time, Ephraim loves to cook new recipes, construct puzzles, cheer loudly for Boston sports teams and sing 80s pop music tunes. You can find him on LinkedIn talking with nonprofit professionals about issues affecting the sector or on Twitter tweeting about the nonprofit sector or waxing nostalgic about 70s and 80s pop culture. Ephraim is a proud, card-carrying member of Gen X, The Fluffernutter Sandwich Generation.

Although born in New York, Ephraim lived in Boston, Jacksonville, FL, New London, CT and Toronto before moving to Israel. He is the proud father of 3 young adults, all of whom disapprove of how he takes selfies.

Speaking and Writing Engagements

Over the last decade, Ephraim has been a presenter and speaker on topics related to fundraising, social media strategy, gratitude and building relationships, media outreach, marketing, digital storytelling and email marketing. Ephraim has spoken and presented to AFP chapters, groups of nonprofit CEO’s and organization executives, the Des Moines Fundraising Institute, fundraisers just starting out in the field and employees of local and national organizations.

Ephraim recently presented a webinar to hundreds of participants for Bloomerang on the topic of successful email onboarding.

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In addition to speaking engagements, Ephraim is a sought-after writer for numerous online publications. He has written about nonprofit leadership, fundraising, content marketing, disability and philanthropy, engaging your social media audience, remote work and more.

In June 2020 Ephraim released an ebook about successful email onboarding. The ebook teaches nonprofits how to successfully encourage people to use website signup forms to subscribe to their enewsletters. The goal is to eventually convert subscribers into donors.

Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit Newsletter

In March 2019, Ephraim launched the Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit Newsletter (YDDN). Every Monday to Thursday, this popular newsletter delivers content to subscribers that is relevant to any nonprofit role they fill. The goal is to allow nonprofit professionals personal growth and professional development without having to spend time searching for the information they need to learn about.

YDDN has been published more than 300 times and delivered 1,200 articles and posts to subscribers around the world. Ephraim adds his expert commentary and insights to each article. YDDN has covered 100 different topics related to nonprofit life and introduced subscribers to 75 sector experts. YDDN’s current open rate is close to 50% and the click thru rate is 5 times the nonprofit average.

In addition to the newsletter, Ephraim launched the Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit Podcast. The podcast introduces nonprofit professionals to sector leaders and experts who supply the information sector employees need to better serve service recipients and clients.

Ephraim is available for speaking engagements. Please fill out this brief form or contact him via email: Ephraim@1832comms.com