Ephraim has written ebooks on a wide range of nonprofit topics. Each ebook is geared towards helping your fundraising and marketing efforts to work in tandem.

2,700 nonprofit professionals have already downloaded and benefitted from these ebooks. Download below and learn more about issues ranging from email marketing to social media strategy to content to employee giving and more.

Should cursing be part of your fundraising campaigns?

EMAIL ONBOARDING: Want to grow your email list so you can convert subscribers into donors? That starts with onboarding!

Learn best practices to encourage more people to sign up for your enewsletter. Where to place the form, calls to action that work, what fields to include, pop-up ads, showing proper gratitude to new subscribers and more.

Download and grow your nonprofit email list! 

Should cursing be part of your fundraising campaigns?

BEFORE YOU HIT SEND: Email is critical to your organization’s fundraising and marketing efforts. Which is why you need to make sure every email hits the mark.

In this ebook published in partnership with Foundant Technologies, you’ll learn 9 things you need to check before hitting send. The ebook incudes a checklist you can refer o every time you’re about to publish an enewsletter.

Download and make sure you deliver emails that deliver results!

Ephraim Gopin appears on the Do Good Better podcast

EMPLOYEE GIVING: Should employees donate to the organization they work for?

This ebook, based upon a survey of 600 nonprofit pros, dives into this complicated and contentious topic. Learn about both sides of the issue, mandatory Board giving (not a slam dunk!), how to run an employee campaign and more.

Whether you’re in the “oh hell no!” or the “let employees enjoy being a donor!” camp, this ebook will open your eyes to both sides of the issue. Download and see if you change your mind!

Solving Nonprofit Problems ebook

SOLVING PROBLEMS: If you could shake up one thing in the nonprofit sector, what would it be? 

There are a lot of issues facing nonprofits. This ebook aims to provide solutions, insights and ideas to 8 of those problems.

Top sector experts discuss reversing the poverty mindset, donor communications, remote work, changing the fire-drill culture, using data to make decisions and much more. Download so you can read, learn and implement solutions to some of your biggest challenges.

Ephraim Gopin appears on the Do Good Better podcast

THE W’S OF A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Does your nonprofit have a social media strategy? If not, let’s help you build one!

Published in partnership with OneCause, this ebook uses the 7 “W” questions to help you create a roadmap for success. Each section provides you with questions you need to answer before you start posting, tips and expert advice, examples of good (and bad!) engagement you can learn from and much more.

Download this ebook and craft a solid social media plan which will help you connect with your audience so you can grow your mission! 

Millennial donors- what's next?

11 COMMANDMENTS OF ENGAGEMENT: Posting on social media isn’t going to move the needle if the content isn’t engaging.

Published in partnership with OneCause, this ebook provides you with 11 ways your social media content can connect with your audience. Learn about user generated content, using humor, takeovers, hashtags, great copy and much more. You’ll gain insights, receive expert tips and see examples of what works… and what doesn’t.

Download this social media engagement ebook so you strengthen your bond with your social followers and mobilize them to take action! 


A CONTENT IDEA FOR EVERY DAY OF 2022: It’s hard to come up with engaging content for social media every single day. So if you’re stuck for ideas, fear not!

Published in partnership with Qgiv, this ebook provides you with a new content idea for all of 2022. You’ll find social media posts for major holidays, historic days to highlight, silly and oddball holidays and much more. This day-by-day list provides ideas of how to engage your followers based on that days unique holiday.

Your nonprofit’s social media presence doesn’t have to be bland. Download the ebook today and make your audience smile, laugh and interact with your content!