The time to boost your email program is NOW!

Your organization uses email but it’s not bringing about the desired results.

You send emails but subscribers aren’t opening, reading, engaging, clicking and converting.

And you’re not sure why.

Want to use email to convert more subscribers into donors? Raise more money? Build more relationships?

I’m gonna upgrade your email efforts and help your organization grow!

I offer tailor made services to solve your email pain points and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Click below on the service titles to learn more:

Email Audit

I’ll analyze emails you’ve sent and explain what’s working and what needs to be improved. My report will offer changes you can implement right away to boost your email program. 

Email Strategy

I will craft a custom made email fundraising and marketing strategy to upgrade your email program in the short and long term. Includes an email audit. Get ready to grow!

Email Management

I’ll manage your entire email program- from content gathering to sending and analyzing- freeing you and your team to take care of your other tasks. Accomplish more while raising more!

Email Training

I create and present custom email trainings for nonprofits. I’ll work with you to determine your email pain points, design a training for your team and teach you how to boost your email program.  

Email Calls

Let’s chat for 45 minutes each month about your email efforts- what’s working, what isn’t, ideas to improve, upcoming campaigns and more. As we progress you’ll learn how to use email effectively and start to see better email results.

The goal of my services? Help you boost conversions. Raise more money. Build more relationships.

Email should be a major- and successful!- part of your fundraising and marketing efforts.

Whether you’re just getting started with email or need to upgrade your current apparatus, click on the service above that fits your organization’s needs and contact me.

Time for your organization to send compelling emails your audience is eager to open, read, click and act upon.

Let’s discuss how your nonprofit can utilize email to help you build more relationships, raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in your community.