The W Questions Of A Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Strategy

Storytelling is central to a nonprofit’s fundraising and marketing strategy. Stories help you introduce your mission, demonstrate the impact of your programming, familiarize donors and supporters with the people they are helping and mobilize people to take action. However, just telling stories without a plan isn’t going to move the needle.

Your nonprofit needs to formulate a storytelling strategy which fits in with your overall marketing and fundraising strategies. Part of that strategy is being able to answer the “W” questions.

I recorded a series of videos for AFP’s Microlearning Series titled: The W’s of a Digital Storytelling Strategy. The goal of the series is to present you with the questions you need to be asking internally before you start posting and engaging.

Below is each of the videos, broken down by specific W questions you should consider and find answers too.

The Who

Know who’s your target audience, who’s gathering content to post and who’s posting the content.

The What

Detail what your posting guidelines are, what are the goals for each piece of content you post and what content to post.

The Where

You need to figure out where to find content and then where to post that content.

The When

When to post content to maximize engagement involves a lot of testing. Having a detailed content calendar is extremely helpful for determining your best time to post sweet spot.

The Why

Now that you know the who (who’s your target audience), the what (what content to post), the where (what platforms to use) and the when (when’s the optimal time to engage your audience), let’s discuss why Instagram Stories and why video.

Do your current marketing efforts need an upgrade and a boost? Want to make sure your marketing and storytelling strategy is working in tandem with your fundraising strategy?

Then give your efforts a marketing kickstart! Have a fresh set of eyes see what’s working, analyze and improve what isn’t and provide you with some new ideas and strategies you can implement. Let’s ensure your content is engaging, building relationships and helping your organization raise more money.

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