I lead trainings which provide attendees with the tools to go out and implement what they’ve learned right away.

Whether it’s for staff at local/national organizations or a community foundation which services multiple nonprofits, my training sessions are all geared to ensuring your fundraising and marketing are working in tandem.

Training topics include:

  • Email fundraising and marketing (from onboarding to converting subscribers into donors)
  • Social media content creation, maximizing audience engagement, driving traffic to your website
  • Website: Look, content, online donation form, user experience
  • Content: Strategy, content creation, video content, content which engages readers/users/subscribers/followers and encourages them to take action
  • Gratitude and donor retention: How to build relationships with supporters one thank you at a time
  • Storytelling: How to use storytelling to boost your fundraising and marketing efforts, what to do and what not to do (a training that will have you smiling and laughing!)

Contact me today to discuss which training is right for your organization.



A very worthwhile way to spend the last hour. I am the Board chair in a very small nonprofit that doesn’t have a fundraiser. We haven’t capitalized on our past donors. I will now get to work thanks to this training.

This presentation provided meaningful and effective tips from a credible development expert. He presented good tips with specific examples and illustrations. His energy was upbeat and engaging. He took time for Q&A and the answers provided additional insightful and helpful information.

Ephraim is a dynamic and interactive speaker. His use of humor and pop culture draws in an audience, even during a virtual presentation. He is also well researched and provides inspiring examples of how to become more connected with donors.

It was an awesome session for me and my team members. We learned new and easy ways of reaching out to our donors.

Great, specific information for more successful email communications and newsletters.  Both the quality and quantity of things I learned exceeded my expectations.  Excellent presenter: very knowledgeable and articulate. 

Very clear and specific, well presented and paced. Terrific visual examples that will be most helpful. I am grateful for this learning opportunity from an excellent presenter. 

I enjoyed the seminar and though I’ve been in the fundraising field for 26 years, it re-energized me to use my creativity with thank you’s.

This presentation was the most informative social media presentation I have ever attended. The presenter was super knowledgeable and moved fast enough to keep me on my toes, but not so fast I couldn’t follow. The slides and handout are incredibly helpful and useful. This was great!!

As someone who is starting from scratch in this subject, I thought I might be overwhelmed. But the subject was explained well, made sense, and I didn’t feel lost at all. Kudos to the presenter.