Ephraim-GopinEphraim Gopin is a third-generation nonprofiteer. During his two decades in the nonprofit sector he held multiple senior management, fundraising and marketing positions for nonprofits and foundations. From his tenure in the sector, Ephraim possesses a wealth of nonprofit experience, knowledge and expertise.

Ephraim answers to a number of titles. His life experience as a CEO, fundraiser, event director, marketing head, event planner, grant writer, alumni director and global communications director afforded him the unique position where h could learn not just broadly how an organization operates but see the intersecting parts under the nonprofit hood. Ephraim intimately understands the fundraising and marketing pain points and challenges nonprofits face. But it goes beyond awareness: he has a proven track record of solving them.

Over the last decade, Ephraim has been a presenter and speaker on topics related to fundraising, social media, email marketing, copywriting, marketing and storytelling. He provides tools to the thousands of people who have attended his presentations. With these tools, Ephraim’s training has enabled attendees to immediately implement what they have learned to accomplish quick and ultimately longstanding success.

As founder of 1832 Communications, Ephraim uses his experience and knowledge to help organizations boost their fundraising and marketing, always in tandem. Whether crafting custom strategies, training staff or managing projects, Ephraim’s goals are always the same: Help your nonprofit build more relationships, raise more money, serve more people and have more impact in your community.

You can read Ephraim’s full bio here (or download the PDF version).

Ephraim is always happy to connect with nonprofiteers so he can learn from their expertise and experience. Connect with Ephraim on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Besides work, Ephraim has a few hobbies and interests. This is how he rolls

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