The Personal and Fun Stats (Let’s admit it, the vital stuff!)

If you ask Ephraim’s friends, they’ll tell you he never really left the 80’s. They’re not far off. 80’s pop music, culture and foofy big hair (Platinum Blonde!) make Ephraim smile.

Let’s start with the personal:

Born in 1972 in New York. Moved to Boston, Jacksonville, FL, New London, CT and Toronto, Ontario. That’s quite a lot in the first 17 years of life but the experience helped build character, meet new and interesting people at each stop and most importantly, it means Ephraim has no discernable accent. Though 30 years later, he still skips the second “t” when saying Toronto.

But what does he like? Here’s the definitive list. Ephraim’s always happy to discuss any of the below topics. Hit him up on Twitter!

Favorite cartoon Anything Looney Tunes but specifically: Rabbit season, duck season
Favorite kids’ book The Phantom Tollbooth
Favorite adult book Pet Sematary (Ephraim is a Stephen King fanboy)
Favorite comedy skit Abbott and Costello: Who’s on First. When Ephraim was 9, his uncle wrote out the skit for him and Ephraim learned it by heart. Third base!
Favorite music 80’s pop. Greatest ever.
Favorite arcade games Space Invaders, Skeeball
First movies seen in the theater Star Wars, The Rescuers, Pete’s Dragon
Funniest movie of all time Airplane. There’s no argument. Don’t even bother.
Favorite all-time movie Wizard of Oz
Favorite song My life (Billy Joel)
Favorite sports teams Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins
Favorite Stooges Curly, Mo and Larry. Shemp and Joe don’t count.
Favorite TV shows All in the Family, Cheers, Married with Children
Favorite band Glass Tiger
Hobbies Puzzles, cooking new recipes
Current ringtone This
First music video watched Invincible by Pat Benatar, on MTV, summer of 1985
The best 9:54 on YouTube Steve Almond rips apart the lyrics to Toto’s “I Bless The Rain”

Now you know more about Ephraim. Tell us more about yourself!