Ephraim has written numerous guest articles, spoken publicly on a wide range of topics and been an expert guest on podcasts and webinars. Here you can find links to his latest guest appearances.

Webinar for AFP Northern Arizona Chapter about successful onboarding for nonprofit enewsletters

The AFP Northern Arizona Chapter invited Ephraim to speak to their members about growing their email list. The webinar covered signup form location, which fields the signup form should contain, the CTA, whether an online donation form should include a enewsletter opt in, welcome emails and more.   

The face behind the logo


Someone subscribed to your nonprofit enewsletter. Hooray! Now what? Time to build better relationships with subscribers and convert them into donors down the road. In this Michael Rosen Says blog post, I provide you with 5 elements your email marketing strategy has to include to make it happen.   

The face behind the logo

People want to know there’s a human manning your nonprofit’s social media accounts. In this Bloomerang post, I discuss what it means to show people the face behind the logo. That person should be authentic, engaging and help to build relationships. Because at the end of the day, you social followers can become email subscribers, volunteers, advocates and donors.    

Des Moines Fundraising Institute


I spoke to members of the Des Moines Fundraising Institute about fundraising and email marketing. This was part of their course work as they learn about messaging, digital marketing and donor communications.

Bloomerang webinar presentation about successful nonprofit enewsletter onboarding


This webinar, organized by Bloomerang, was attended by hundreds of nonprofit employees and consultants. The goal was to teach best practices and help nonprofits onboard more subscribers to their enewsletter.

This webinar, organized by Gvahim, was for nonprofit pros in Israel to learn how to grow their email list. The first part of that process is successfully onboarding new subscribers. The webinar covered signup form location, which fields the signup form should contain, the CTA, whether an online donation form should include an enewsletter opt in and more.   


This webinar, organized by Svivah, was for female CEO’s who are working to navigate their organizations through the choppy waters of Coronavirus. We discussed how to be a more effective leader, fundraising during a pandemic, advertising, marketing and more.   


The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed nonprofit office life. The question is, when life returns to normal, will office life do as well? Writing on eJewish Philanthropy, Ephraim gives 21 predictions related to leadership, staffing, budgeting, events and more.   


On the SOAR podcast, hosted by Taylor Shanklin, I had a chance to discuss how your nonprofit can survive and thrive right now. We talked about leadership, fundraising, goats, communications and hairdressers. And yes, as a proud card carrying member of Gen X, I dropped a “Where’s the beef” reference. Have a listen and learn how your organization can make it through these rough times successfully.

Early 90s recession. Dot com bust of 2001. Madoff mess.
We’ve been here before.
The same fundraising and communications principles that worked then work today. Writing on eJewish Philanthropy, Ephraim presents 5 do’s and dont’s to guide your fundraising comms during this pandemic.  


In part two of this series for the Hilborn Charity eNews, Ephraim discusses how consultants can steady their ship in turbulent times and how they can use their “free” time wisely.


Part I of a two part series for the Hilborn Charity eNews. Ephraim discusses how nonprofits can deal with remote work, keeping in touch with stakeholders and working with consultants during a pandemic.


Writing on the Hands On Fundraising blog, Ephraim explains why your nonprofit needs to provide content that interests the target audience and not what you want to push out. Less we, more you.

Ephraim presented the components of modern day storytelling to the Las Vegas AFP Chapter. He talked about the elements of storytelling, how to use them to engage followers and ultimately use what was learned to increase donations. The presentation included examples of marketing, communications, social media and storytelling gone wrong and what can be learned from the mistakes of other brands.

It was a fun presentation mixing the good and the bad. A chance to groan, cringe, shake one’s head in disapproval but also to smile and laugh. The goal was to learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

All attendees received a “cheat sheet” that summarized the presentation, with the elements and main points of each.