Ephraim Gopin Speaker Topics

Ephraim-GopinOver the last decade, Ephraim Gopin has been a presenter and speaker on topics related to fundraising, social media strategy, gratitude and building relationships, media outreach, marketing, digital storytelling and email marketing. Ephraim has spoken and presented to AFP Global and AFP chapters, nonprofit professionals via Bloomerang, Qgiv and the DonorSearch Masterminds Series, groups of nonprofit CEO’s and organization executives, the Des Moines Fundraising Institute, fundraisers just starting out in the field and employees of local and national organizations.

Ephraim is available for speaking engagements. Please fill out this brief form or contact him via email: Ephraim@1832comms.com

Here is a brief summary of some of the topics Ephraim can present to your audience:

1) Getting a Foot in the Door: How to onboard subscribers to your nonprofit e-newsletter

Email marketing is an important piece of a nonprofit’s multi-channel fundraising strategy. However, before making an ask, an organization has to ensure people submit their email address via their website and subscribe. Easier said than done. 

In this webinar, based on research into the websites of the 100 largest nonprofits in the U.S., we’ll learn best practices about where on your website your signup form belongs, what fields the form should include, the use of pop-up ads, what your welcome email should include and more.

A chance to learn how to encourage more people to subscribe. As your organization grows its email list, more opportunities to convert subscribers into donors.

2) Hurricanes, Headlines, Hoo-Has and Hashtags: The components of modern day storytelling

Storytelling is a key component in nonprofit fundraising, marketing and communications. We’ll discuss the elements of storytelling in 2020, learn how to use them to engage followers and ultimately increase donations. 

This is a fun presentation which showcases examples of brand marketing, communications, social media and storytelling gone wrong and what can be learned from those mistakes. A chance to groan, cringe, shake one’s head in disapproval but also smile and laugh. 

3) The W’s of a Social Media Strategy: Getting started with an online community

“Tweet and they will donate” is not a fundraising or marketing plan. Before you can start tweeting or posting on social media, your nonprofit needs to formulate an overall strategy.

In this webinar we’ll look at the W questions: Where to find content, when to post, who will be responsible for posting and engaging, what content to post, which platforms to use, how to measure success, why is video critical to success and more W questions. Knowing which W questions to ask will provide your organization a jumpstart towards building its plan.

4) Take My Breath Away: Building Relationships One Thank You At A Time

Fundraising isn’t about the money. It’s about building relationships. 

Demonstrating a gratitude attitude is one of the best ways to strengthen trust and show your donors some love. The more they feel the love, the higher the retention.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the importance of saying thank you to the donor-nonprofit relationship, how thank you can become part of your storytelling efforts and the numerous ways available for you to thank donors today and in the future. Even without in-person meetings, there are plenty of other methods you can implement immediately to appreciate and recognize donors.

Your thank yous don’t have to be time consuming or expensive but they should put a smile on a donor’s face. 

5) Look Ma, I’m on TV!

A great way to reach a wider audience and demonstrate your organization’s impact is through media appearances. That could be on radio, TV, online or in print. Doing great work is not a guarantee for a media appearance. Your organization needs to have a strategy so you can present yourselves to the community and potentially bring onboard new donors, volunteers, advocates and more.   

In this webinar we’ll discuss a communications strategy, the different ways to get in front of new audiences and how you can use the media to tell your story and fundraise.

6) Employee Giving: It’s Complicated

Should employees donate to the organization they work for?

On the one hand, they are underpaid and work a ton of unpaid overtime. Why are we asking them to also become donors? On the other hand, everyone should take part in the joy of giving. Philanthropy shouldn’t be reserved for only the privileged.

The issue of employee giving is a contentious one. This webinar is based on a survey conducted last year to gauge attitudes about employee giving. The survey results include data from employees but also consultants who took the survey and answered whether they donate to the organizations they consult for.

This webinar will look at both sides of the issue and present best practices for running an employee giving campaign at your organization.