1832 was hired by ALYNnovation to help put together and write their year end newsletter for donors and partners. This includes:

  • Thank you letter: Crafting a personal message from ALYNnovation’s general manager to donors and partners. The goal was to make sure they ‘feel the love.’
  • Newsletter content: The newsletter included 3 articles:
    – a story about a teenage girl undergoing treatment at the hospital after a horrific accident. The story highlighted the hospital’s VR room, being utilized to help the girl learn to walk again
    – an article highlighting ALYNnovation’s partners, who are developing assitive technology products, which will allow children across the globe to have: the freedom of mobility, functional independence, social participation, equal education and eventually equal employment prospects
    – an article demonstrating ALYNnovation’s global leadership in the field of assistive technology.
  • Best practices: Worked with ALYNnovation staff to consider best format and layout for the newsletter, when to send it, mobile responsiveness and more. The goal was to ensure a high open rate and high CTR.

CLIENT: ALYN Hospital’s Innovation Space, ALYNnovation

MISSION: ALYNnovation empowers children with physical disabilities around the world by providing them with innovative products, nurtured at ALYN Hospital.

TYPE: Nonprofit

LOCATION: Israel, with global reach

WORK WITH: Innovation & Marketing Coordinator, Naama Shikartzi


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