Instagram and Fundraising Strategy

1832 advised the Israel Lemonade Fund team about ways to upgrade their year-end fundraising campaign, increase retention and donations. Additionally, 1832 crafted a custom Instagram strategy for the organization to upgrade their fundraising and marketing efforts. This included:

  • Best practices: Outlining best practices for posting engaging content on Instagram, how to measure success, how to use the platform to help overall fundraising efforts
  • Content: Content strategy involving¬† usage of a content calendar; creating a content bank for future use; list of who to follow and engage; content ideas that engage the audience and mobilize them to take action including usage of video, hashtags, user generated content, content related to their mission and “off-brand” content
  • Stories: How to use Stories daily to consistently connect with followers; how to use the various tools Stories offers to create a two-way conversation with followers
  • Storytelling: How to collect stories from beneficiaries, donors and volunteers and use them as part of the overall strategy
  • Teamwork: Outlining which staff members are responsible for helping out with the content and strategy
Israel Lemonade Fund logo

PARTNER: Israel Lemonade Fund


MISSION: Israel Lemonade Fund provides immediate, direct financial assistance to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients so they can focus on recovery.

TYPE: Nonprofit


WORK WITH: The entire team, including the Founder, Program Outreach Project Coordinator and Social Media Director. 

The client said about working with us:

1832 Communications and Ephraim Gopin personally has a lot to offer nonprofit organizations. The Israel Lemonade Fund benefitted from Ephraim’s expertise and advice in social media and fundraising campaigns. He has both a broad overview and an ethical outlook when it comes to helping charities reach their goals. He is a good listener, too. He takes the time to understand the particular aspirations of an organization and helps craft strategies for reaching them. We recommend Ephraim and 1832 Communications highly.

Shari Mendes

Founder & Director