Newsletter Subscriber Gratitude


Thank you to each and every one of my newsletter subscribers. I appreciate that you take the time daily to open the emails, read and click on the links. I am grateful for all the feedback you send me! Your compliments always put a smile on my face.

The Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit newsletter is a passion project of mine. I pour my heart and soul into it and the positive feedback I receive is proof that I’m hitting all the right notes. 

Yes I have my own nonprofit consulting agency but I have never taken any money for this newsletter. It is my way of giving back to the charity sector.

Here is a video I made to say thank you. Below it you can see what 500 editions of a newsletter look like from a data perspective.

Since I love data, I have been collecting stats about the newsletter since edition 1. Here’s what it looks like after 500:

📰 500 editions

📜 2,000 nonprofit related articles

📺 431 different media outlets featured

👩‍💼 89 sector experts introduced to subscribers

🤝 118 different charity related topics covered

🧰 40 tools/platforms/sites/how to/apps highlighted in the newsletter as a way of introducing subscribers to things that can help make their work easier.

💻 7 exclusive subscriber webinars with top sector experts.

On to the next 500!