For the last three plus years, I have published the Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit (YDDN) enewsletter every Monday thru Thursday. 

Sure I take days off for holidays and vacation and had to take a few weeks off recently because of a family member’s extended stay in the hospital.

But I’m proud of the fact that I’ve kept my promise to deliver top nonprofit content from around the Internet into people’s Inboxes daily, content that is relevant to any sector role you fill. As the slogan says: Read. Learn. Implement. Grow.

And that’s been my goal since edition number one was published.

YDDN subscribers include people in one-person shops to NPO staff at the largest organizations. Even though a majority of subscribers hail from the U.S., I’m proud that subscribers from around the world have signed up for YDDN.

Subscribers also include consultants in the nonprofit sector from a wide range of disciplines. Some of them regularly publish material that I’m happy to include in the enews and share with my audience.

The feedback? Out of the hundreds of emails I’ve received from subscribers, only one was negative. I’d say pretty good! 

YDDN is a passion project. Its success has allowed me to launch similar products, such as The Weekly SEND, a weekly video series aimed at boosting nonprofit email efforts. I’ve got more in store so stay tuned!

Below is an infographic I had designed to honor the occasion of publishing 700 editions. I’m not big into self-congratulations but this is a good reason to celebrate. I’ve collected the data and shared it below with you.

To all my subscribers:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for opening the emails, reading, clicking and reacting. Thank you for providing feedback. Thank you for allowing this passion project of mine to thrive.

Ephraim Gopin
Publisher, Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit enewsletter
Principal, 1832 Communications

An inforgraphic outlining data from 700 editions of the Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit enewsletter