Three months ago I posted a blog post which generated a lot of positive feedback. And I wanna add to it!

In November I posted “eight nonprofit enewsletters you should subscribe to.” I believe in learning from everyone. And while the first list had some great learning opportunities, a whole bunch of enewsletters were missing from it.

Please dive into the below list and subscribe to their enews. As a subscriber myself, you will not be disappointed!

Joe Waters enewsletter is the best ine out there on corporate partnerships

Selfish Giving

Joe Waters is THE top corporate partnership expert out there. I’ve been learning from him for over a decade and continue to do so. Given that so many organizations are searching for corporate funders, you need to understand how the process works, what to look for, how to build and keep a successful partnership. Joe’s Selfish Giving enews is going to help you with that process.

About his enewsletter…

Joe’s biweekly enews is one of my absolute faves! The content is top notch, helpful, insightful and Joe adds his wicked Boston chahm to everything. Learn all about corporate partnerships, job openings in the field, case studies and much much more. 

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The Haydayy enewsletter comes with book recommendations


The dynamic duo of Amanda Day and Kimberly Hays de Muga are grant experts who conduct trainings and provide coaching to help organizations learn how to submit and get the grants needed to grow and thrive.

About their enewsletter…

Their weekly Hayday enews includes their hot takes on important issues facing the sector today and a section I really like: Book recommendations. I’m a big fan of connecting subscribers not just to your business side but also your personal side. Show personality and engage people on a personal level. They will engage back.

The Hayday enews does this well.

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Clairity Click-It

Looking for great content on a wide range of nonprofit topics? Fundraising expert Claire Axelrad has your back!

About her enewsletter…

Every two weeks Claire shares with you links to great nonprofit content. If Claire is sharing it, I know it’s been vetted by her which means it’s worthwhile reading. Additionally, Claire adds her expertise and knowledge to give you a bit more related to the topic of the article. I love her biweekly sector round ups!

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Jess Birken's enewsletter is very personable as well as educational

Birken Law

Anything related to law and lawyers makes us yawn and also potentially run the other way. Which is why this is the only nonprofit law related enews on this list. Jess Birken is that good!

About her enewsletter…

When talking about issues related to law, you can get bogged down in terminology and boring, endless content. Jess Birken’s enews is anything but that!

I know Jess and she’s one of the nicest, friendliest people I know. And that’s the vibe her enews gives off. It’s very personable, an enjoyable read- like getting a letter from a friend. 

Why is that important? Because email is a one-to-one conversation between you and an individual subscriber. Sign up and read Jess’ enews and you’ll feel that friendly tone. The content is great and her Charity Therapy podcast is one of my top recomms in the sector.

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MoD Lab's enewsletter has both their latest content and content from around the Net

Minds on Design Lab

The MoD Lab enews caught my eye because of the good content they’re producing and directing traffic to.

About the enewsletter…

The MoD team do a great job putting together a quality enews. You’ll receive links to their latest high quality Mightier blog posts (use your enews to drive traffic to your site!) but they also have a “Good Reads” section. They showcase posts which they’ve vetted and believe would be a quality read for their audience.

That’s what I love about their enews: They’re not just pointing at themselves. They’re also sending readers to other places. Why? If those articles are quality reads, I’ll remember who sent them to me. Which means good chance I open and engage with the enews every single time it lands in my inbox.

Provide value to subscribers = higher engagement.

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Funding for Good publishes an excellent nonprofit enewsletter

Funding for Good

Personable. Good content to learn from. Enjoyable read. That’s what Mandy Pearce and her team have put together.

About her enewsletter…

It’s not enough to just take a side on an issue. You need to explain your reasoning behind it and allow people to learn from it.

Mandy’s enewsletter does just that. You’re going to learn, you’re going to grow. You’ll also find out about the latest offerings which you should absolutely check out. Mandy has many different educational opps that you can join and gain value from

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Katelyn Baughan

Email is my favorite fundraising and marketing platform. I’m always on the lookout for email enewsletters that bring it and Katelyn definitely does.

About her enewsletter…

Katelyn shares her email expertise and smarts in each weekly enews. She’s very good at breaking things down and explaining them so everyone can understand and implement. Her email advice is solid and she’s going to help your organization learn to use email to upgrade your fundraising and marketing.

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Have more nonprofit enewsletters I should be highlighting? Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to check em out and share a recomm in my next roundup!